Wedding Day Survival Guide

Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Michael and I have been photographing weddings for almost 16 years now, and during that time we have seen quite a few things go awry on a wedding day. Here are 26 essential survival items that can help save your special day!

Sewing Kit (scissors, safety pins, thread) – Whether it’s a minor rip, torn hem, lose a button, or stray strings, this may prove to be one of your strongest allies on your wedding day. Be sure to get a kit that includes the colors of your bridal party’s apparel. A small pair of scissors and safety pins are a must-have in your kit!

Clear Deodorant/Body Spray – Who are we kidding? Weddings can be very stressful, so make sure you throw some extra deodorant or body spray into your bag. This way you will be fresh all day.

Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Hairspray – You can never have too many hair ties and bobby pins!

Comfortable Shoes – We have found that brides are always so grateful when we remind them to bring an extra pair of comfortable slippers, especially when we are taking pictures in a few different locations. I love these slipper shoes from Dr. Scholl’s!

Pain Medicine/Tums – Headaches and an upset tummy can strike when you least expect them. It’s always a good idea to bring along pain medicine and some antacids.

Tampons/Panty Liners – Even if they are not for you, someone in your bridal party may end up needing feminine products in a pinch!

Sunscreen – This is especially important during the summer months, and if your ceremony is outside!

Razor – Bring a few disposable razors with you, just in case you missed a spot, or someone forgot to shave entirely 🙂

Nail clippers – These not only come in handy for a chipped nail, but they will take care of any loose strings as well.

Bug Spray – This one I had to learn the hard way! Warm summer receptions in grassy areas = lots of mosquitoes.

Tide Stick/Stain Remover – For the occasional spill or makeup stain.

Tissue – Because this will be one of the most emotionally charged days of your life, filled with happy tears!

Portable Phone Charger/Cord – With all the texts and last-minute phone calls you may get, it’s a good idea to have someone make sure the bride’s phone stays charged.

Straws – Don’t ruin those perfect lips that your makeup artist spent so much time on!

Floss/Mints – To cover up the smell of that onion bagel you had for breakfast, and to prep for that perfect first kiss as husband and wife.

Lotion – So many brides forget to moisturize their bodies before getting ready on their big day and don’t realize it until they are about to walk out the door. Be prepared so that you can feel as amazing as you look in that beautiful wedding gown.

Water/Granola Bar or Other Snack – It’s a busy day, with a lot of last-minute details to take care of, make sure one of those details is fueling yourself properly.

Here are a few extras for the guys:

Extra Cuff Links – Believe it or not, they sometimes break.

Extra Black Socks – Just in case they get wet, or a groomsmen forgets his and only brings his ugly white gym socks :-/

Handkerchief – Perfect for blotting away any sweat on a hot day, or dabbing those tears as you see your beautiful bride walking down the aisle.

Cash/ID’s – It’s always good to have cash on hand for last-minute emergencies or to tip the valet. And even though some Bridal Gowns are starting to come with built-in pockets, it’s probably a good idea for the groom to keep the couple’s ID on hand.

Eye Drops – Just in case the night before was a long one 😉

Lint Roller – Paying attention to little details like this will make your wedding portraits that much more amazing.

Mini First Aid Kit – Guys will be guys, bring a mini first aid kit. And they can be the hero if a bridesmaid is in need of a band-aid because of her new shoes.

Chapstick – There will be lots of kisses, so keep those lips soft throughout the day.

Extra Boutonniere Pins – You would be surprised how many florists don’t provide enough boutonniere pins, and not to mention the ones that bend while you are putting them on.

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